Taking care of your eyes

Diabetes and your eyes: Tips for eye care2

Diabetes can affect your eyes and vision. Here are some tips to help prevent diabetic eye disease and preserve your vision:

  • Check and manage your blood glucose levels with the help of your healthcare professionals.
  • Work with your doctor to get your blood pressure under control.
  • Stop smoking if you do.
  • Get eye tests on a regular basis, at least once a year, even if your vision seems okay.
  • See an eye care specialist if you have:
    • blurred or double vision
    • trouble reading signs or books
    • pain or pressure in one or both of eyes
    • eye redness that doesn’t go away
    • trouble seeing things on the sides that you could see prior (loss of peripheral vision)
    • any other changes in vision.


2 American Diabetes Association. (ADA) – Eye Care. Accessed online June 24, 2018