About us


For over thirty years, LifeScan Inc., the maker of OneTouch® products, has had an unwavering commitment to improving the quality of life for people living with diabetes.

In 1987, LifeScan Inc. introduced the first OneTouch® meter that had the simplicity and accuracy to redefine self-monitoring blood glucose. And we’re proud that today OneTouch® meters and test strips are used across the globe by more than 19 million people.

In 2008, after Johnson & Johnson acquired the Animas Corporation, the OneTouch Ping® glucose management system was developed as the first full-feature insulin pump that wirelessly communicated with a blood glucose meter remote.

In 2012, Calibra Medical Inc. was acquired along with their 3-day wearable bolus-only patch pump. This product, now known as the OneTouch Via® on-demand insulin delivery system, was developed to provide a new option for people living with diabetes to administer insulin.

Our new look

We have a new look, but our commitment to you remains the same. Find out more about what’s changing and why.